Kindergarten Features

Kindergarten Features:


Faith - Our love of God is immersed in all we do. Children learn about God through stories, prayer, and craft.  Students also have numerous opportunities to live their faith and serve their community through programs like the Grandfriends, as well as charitable work in the community through fundraisers of the kids choosing (hotdog lunches and cookie sales).


Grandfriend Program - As part of this program students are matched with a resident at the local lodge for the year and they visit monthly and do activities together. This program has been a cherished one by the students over the last 7 years since it began as well as the residents at the lodge.  The program even extended to craft visits to the local long term care facility at the hospital. 


Micro Society- Kindergarten students run the Micro Post Office in the micro society.  The post office is one of the busiest ventures in the school.  Kids leave kindergarten with an amazing understanding of money, counting, and saving.  They learn about the democratic process and their place and responsibility in this world as citizens.  


Certified teacher - Our Kindergarten teacher has Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Education degree and over 19 years teaching experience.  The last eight of those being in Kindergarten.


Speech and Language - Our school works closely with the district speech pathologist and train Speech Language assistants to provide programing to students who need it.


Gross and Fine Motor - Our school works closely with the districts Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapists to provide programming and supports for children with their big and small muscles as well as self-help skills and sensory regulation.  In addition, all learning is hands on and provides countless opportunities to develop these skills.


Learning through Exploration and Play - Our program follows a learning through play approach.  Children are provided rich, multi-sensory learning experiences where they can move their bodies and rotate through learning centers.  There is still some pencil/paperwork but learning opportunities with manipulatives are priority.


Emotional Regulation and Social Communication: Kids are taught emotional regulation and social communication using the Zones of Regulation and Think Social Programs.  These lessons give kids important tools for their learning/behavior tool belt that will help them through all their school years.


Full Day Kindergarten: Students come Tues/Thursday and 1 to 2 Fridays a month.  Fridays that the children attend are "Fun Fridays" which are extra special theme days with special guests, activities, an opportunity to dress up.